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Debut Single Release "Born & Raised" by ENGELDINGER

Mittwoch, 07. November 2018

ENGELDINGER, a Swiss based indie-pop musician from Luxembourg and student in Fribourg released his debut single "Born & Raised" on November 7.

As a love child of Swiss countryside and Luxembourgish intimacy, of mellow soundscapes and down to-earth stories, ENGELDINGER is tailoring his experiences into a new cycle of work featuring the debut single BORN & RAISED.

ENGELDINGER’s music is not an isolated island in the middle of an ocean, it is meant to be shared with others, just like he loves to invite people to share their music with him. Recent collaborations with Swiss rapper Jamk and Luxembourgish well known folk powerhouse Zero Point Five or melancholic rock formation Go By Brooks demonstrate ENGELDINGER’s understanding of mood and the importance of sharing music with others.

Written in Switzerland, produced by local artist Christophe Reitz in Luxembourg and recorded and mixed by Maxim Losch in Germany, with a videoclip by Sam Flammang filmed in Switzerland’s mountains, the song is a demonstration of the creative power of multinational collaboration.

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