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4th Luxembourg Day at the University of St. Gallen - MBA programme

Freitag, 26. Oktober 2018

The University of St. Gallen organised the 4th “Luxembourg Day” on 26 October 2018 in order to establish a direct contact between large multinationals with regional offices in the Grand Duchy and the HSG Master of Business Administration (MBA) students.

In this framework, Jan Dolezel and Alex Engeldinger from the Embassy in Bern, presented the “living and working opportunities for MBA's in Luxembourg”. In their presentation, they gave the MBA students an overview of Luxembourg, encompassing a short but detailed description of the current situation, underpinned by facts and figures, its advantages as a business center, its working opportunities, its outstanding location and the high quality of life famously enjoyed by its residents.

Then, the two renowned multinationals Amazon with its EU and SES with its global headquarter in Luxembourg introduced their companies and activities, followed by different workshops with the MBA students.

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